The Reality SHOW Show: Dating Philosophy

Sean and Hayes went live for the first time and took a call from Bus Stop the Mystery Executive who gave us some good reveals about Survivor including a Too Hot For CBS moment, Jeff Probst’s pre-show ritual, and a reward challenge gone wrong. Then they take a couple calls to discuss the dating philosophy from the latest episode of The Bachelor, look back on some fascinating characters from The Challenge, and talk about the star studded cast of Hollywood Exes.


The Reality SHOW Show: Neither Did Kristen Though

It’s the Reality Show Show’s Season 7 premiere as Hayes and Sean respond to listener suggestions and wonder if guest JONNA MANNION from The Challenge is going to show up. To pass the time they dig into a crushing lemonation on Top Chef and the much-anticipated ascent of Padma Lakshmi to the role of Head Judge. They also recall their intense reaction to seeing a helicopter on The Bachelor and respond to the show’s claim that the amount of love you can have for someone isn’t affected by how many hands you have. Finally, JONNA MANNION from The Challenge shows up to be nervously asked questions about life as a reality star and her past relationships.


The Reality SHOW Show: Superfast 4G

Sean and Hayes put on their podcast hats as they reveal some upcoming challenges on the upcoming episodes of “Top Chef.” The two of them recap “The Challenge” with a game of That’s Not What’s Happening, talk about the Top (Secret) Chef e-mail they received, and keep a keen eye on the products used on “The Voice” and “Shark Tank.” Fighting expert Dominic Dierkes drops by to turn the tide on the ratings for “The Ultimate Fighter” and weighs in on which judges from “The Voice” and “The X Factor” would win in an all out brawl.