Nocturnal Emotions: Addiction Train

Wyatt Cenac rides the Night Train to this week’s Nocturnal Emotions! Wyatt & Har Mar talk about high stakes gambling, MC Skat Kat, and Wyatt leaving The Daily Show. Although Wyatt confirms that he rarely gets embarrassed, he still shares some stories from his early days working at The Daily Show and making a long lasting first impression at a fancy high school birthday party. Plus, the guys totally kill at ruining Prince’s “Darling NIkki” in a game of Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Song.


Professor Blastoff: Elections

David and Aaron reunite with Tig and Kyle in the East Coast hatch and welcome expert voter Wyatt Cenac for a discussion about elections! After a whisper meeting they talk about what the steps are to getting elected, the importance of debates today, and how personality is a major part of the presidency. Also, Abraham Lincoln, Elmo, and Bill Cosby stop by to weigh in on some debate topics!

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Paul Rudd
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Former Comedy Bang! Bang! guest Paul Rudd's been on Comedy Central's The Daily Show several times, but perhaps my favorite is the clip above. Will Rudd bring back his sweet dance moves on his appearance on tonight’s Daily Show? Tune in to find out!

Also on the boob tube this evening is four-time CBB guest Kevin Nealon. He will appear on Conan on TBS.