Sklarbro Country: Cock Pulldown

Waterfalls were punched and history was made as the very casually dressed Kumail Nanjiani returned to the calming shores for the first ever livestreamed episode of Sklarbro Country! Everything from gay gyms, squash in Pakistan, and video game tournaments were discussed. Also, Kumail spoke about the Meltdown pilot, the one time he got his penis stuck in a zipper right before having to ride a roller coaster, and used his lighting quick for a round of Quick Hits. Plus, special guest Dennis “The Worm” Rodman stopped by to share his thoughts on Kim Jon Un, briefly meeting his dad in the Philippines, and what he hoped to accomplish in Syria. Check out the full video at youtube.com/Earwolf! Don’t forget to get your tickets to see Randy & Jason headline in Los Angeles this Saturday (March 23rd) at the Hollywood Improv!



Kumail Nanjiani

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Totally Laime: Blastula!

Emily Gordon is maybe our most educational guest yet. She teaches us how to tame out-of-control boys, the ins and outs of industrial music, the history of Steampunk, and the filmography of Edie McClurg. Where do babies come from? Find out on on today’s episode! Enjoy!