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Earwolf’s LITTLE GARY IS BACK FROM THE DEAD! See him ANIMATED this Thursday on The Video Podcast Network’s  ANiMASHUPS!

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Hear backstage interviews from the last live Comedy Bang Bang, featuring: Jon Hamm, Chris Hardwick, Andy Richter, Paul F. Tompkins, Jake Fogelnest, David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Jimmy Pardo, Zach Galifianakis, Todd Glass, Tim Heidecker, Jenny Slate, Riki Lindhome, Steve Agee, Joss Whedon, Kristin Schaal, Kate Miccuci, Lance Bangs, Kurt Braunohler, Anthony Jeselnik, Brian Posehn, Doug Benson, and Tom Lennon. Plus, Kulap interviews Scott about the show!

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Comedy Bang Bang’s sommelier takes you through the proper wines to enjoy an episode of CB!B!

This Friday at 10p on IFC!

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Sklarbro Country: Flat Cats

Are you ready for a doubleheader of awesome Sklarbro Country guests? For the first time ever, we have two guests from disparate worlds joining us throughout the episode: Comedian/screenwriter Tom Lennon and podcaster/host of Hoarders Matt Paxton. Matt lived in Reno, Tom loves Hoarders, it’s a match made in heaven! They help us figure out the purpose of Rent-a-Center and create a marketing scheme that will revolutionize A&E. With all the Hoarders talk of dead cats, we thought we should invite our favorite pooch into the fold. Randy Moss’s dog is on the phone with predictions on Randy’s upcoming season with the 49ers. If you’re in Austin tonight, better go to Esther’s Follies for Sklarbro Country LIVE! If not, just go punch a waterfall and order a flat cat.



An extra day may be tacked onto February only once every four years, but you can find your favorite funny people on television nearly every night. Today is no exception.

ABC’s Happy Endings stars Earwolf friends Casey Wilson and Adam Pally, who you can catch on the show every Wednesday. Check them out in the clip (above) from last week’s episode. Tonight’s episode will also feature three other Earwolf favorites: Paul Scheer, Colin Hanks, and Matt McConkey.

While you’re in the mood for laughing, don’t miss Tom Lennon on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS).

By: Julia Hays