Sklarbro Country: Bench an Engineer

You are in for a treat today! Rich Eisen is here and he is as great a candidate for Sklarbro citizenship as you’d imagine! He tells us about his experiences doing stand-up in college. He talks about the early days of Sports Center. He predicts the future of Tim Tebow. He laments the poor decisions of Michael Bolton. He’s more multi-talented than a juggling triathlete, and you guys will love hearing all about his fascinating life. Plus, you love Weekly Wahlberg, so why not invite Mark to sit down with us for an extended look at his brother, his burgers, and his biceps. Tune into United Stats of America on the History Channel, and GO BLUE!



Would you believe that in a nation with 3.5 million square miles of territory, 99% of us are crowded into only 8% of the land?! (Of that, most of it is made up of calming shores.)

Watch Sklarbro Country hosts Randy and Jason Sklar on United Stats of America (History Channel) tonight to look at where we live and why. The Sklars chart the influence of seven inventions that moved us out, up, down and out.

While you’re tuned into the boob tube, check out Comedy Bang! Bang! alum Hannibal Buress on Conan (TBS). Buress is currently promoting his new one-hour special, which will premiere May 20 on Comedy Central.

By: Julia Hays


The United Stats of America staring the Sklar Brothers premieres on History Channel next Tuesday. Bring the calming shores to the UFO-littered shores.

Randy and Jason Sklar were born a statistic: They’re identical twins and stand-up comedians who also just happen to have an obsession with numbers and an amazing knack for finding the incredible stories behind the stats. The wisecracking brothers are the hosts of United Stats of America, which reveals the stories behind the most interesting and surprising statistics in American history—stories that tell us more about who we are as individuals and as a nation. Randy and Jason bring their irreverent brand of humor to locations across the country, uncovering hidden facts about America and Americans while engaging in stunts and experiments that help them uncover the story behind the stats. The Sklars will also utilize cutting-edge computer technology and visually stunning infographics to help bring these numbers to life.