A Valentine’s Day Phone/Foam Corner

Harris Wittels

Fans were treated to a visit from Earwolf favorite Harris Wittels in the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!

CBB fans have come to know and love one of his beloved segments - Harris’ Phone/Foam Corner. 

And so, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to present the top three most “romantic” Harris-isms that I could find in that infamous corner.

Here goes: 

  • Ep. 128: “You know how everyone says like to get your porn name, you use your pet’s name and then the street you grew up on? I have a new system. Ready? And it works for anybody. Take your first name. Okay? Change it to ‘Sir,’ and then take your last name and change it to ‘Fucksalot.’”
  • Ep. 111: “Hey Bo Diddley, Rolling Stones. Who do you love? Great song. Grammatically, a disaster. It should be WHOM do you love.”
  • Ep. 84: “I’m not gay, but my asshole is.”

By: Julia Hays



It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. What better way to celebrate than snuggle in front of the TV and laugh? Funny is sexy, folks.

Actor Jerry O’Connell has grown from child star to leading man. Among his lengthy credits is an appearance on Ep. 27 of Comedy Bang! Bang! Revisit the episode to hear a Cyberthug Take-Over! You can catch him today on The Wendy Williams Show (Syndicated.)

T.J. Miller visited the calming shores of Sklarbro Country on Ep. 23, and is a frequent guest on Chelsea Lately on E! In fact, he’ll be a guest on tonight’s show. If that’s not enough Miller for you, check out his album, The Extended play E.P. Among the highlights are his rap battles with fellow Sklarbro Country alumni Pete Holmes and Ugly Duckling.

Four time Comedy Bang! Bang! guest Kevin Nealon will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC tonight. In the meantime you should read the interview I did with Nealon for Earwolf back in Aug. 2011. The video of his Would You Rather? scenario is classic!

By: Julia Hays