Contest: Win Howard’s Hair!

Who Charted Episode 106 will go down in chart HISTORY as the day that Weird Al cut Howard Kremer’s hair on air! 

Now, you can WIN the Dragon Boy hair that was sheared by Weird Al, with assistance and support from Kulap Vilaysack.

HOW TO WIN: Comment on this Facebook album with your favorite Who Charted moment of 2013.

PRIZE: One lucky winner will get a fun prize pack, including Howard’s hair! Plus, you’ll get a shout out on an upcoming episode of Whooch or Tooch!


Who Charted?: Alpaca Dinghy

Musical comedy legend “Weird Al” Yankovic is thrilled to chart, freestyle some parody songs, and give haircuts on today’s Who Charted! He tells us about the first time he charted, having other people parody his songs, and ranks up a bunch of comedy credits as we countdown the Ultimate Music Chart. Al then shares how Ringo Starr called him out in an audience once, having Paul McCartney recognize him, and makes his own version of the Skyfall theme all during the Movie Chart. Plus, Al wonders where he would have ended up if he never took accordion lessons as he plays a round of Chart Darts!


Birdemic: LIVE!

Did you guys know that there is a crisis with our environment? If not, you must not have seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror, this week’s victim for a very special How Did This Get Made? LIVE! Our friend “Weird Al” Yankovic is on the panel to enjoy the CGI dancing, obvious typos, and complete lack of editing that made this thriller a cult classic. Also on hand is Whitney Moore, star of Birdemic, who tells us the truth about her robotic costar, shares insight into the audition process, and divulges information about the sequel. This is less like a podcast, and more like you’re Just Hanging Out with some friends.