Sklarbro County 42

We pull Parks and Rec’s Ben Schwartz from the country and bring him into the world of Sklarbro County! Ben talks about having a tough time watching basketball games in real time, filming an episode of House of Lies in a real dildo factory, and witnessing a magical moment in the movie making process. Dan Van Kirk does not disappoint as he brings in crazy stories such as; a wasted Arkansas woman who tries to flee police on a Power Wheels truck, a bidding war for the virginity of a Brazilian sex doll, and a Medford man pretends stolen Somerville beer is his genitals. Plus, we receive a voicemail from Doug Buffone. Appreciate the hat humor on this show!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: GoodFelines

Fan favorite and “House of Pies” star Ben Schwartz tells us about his plans for the new year on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Ben & Scott recall performing together in Ben’s improv show “Snowpants,” recreate Ben’s favorite Bane sketch, and talk about wet dreams. Newcomer to the show Shelly Driftwood drops by to share some incredible stories from his life that involve his buddy relationship with Brett Butler, Easter Island, and a rolling affair. Plus, Shelly Driftwood tells us about his script “GoodFelines” during a game of Would You Rather?


improv4humans: Live from RIOT LA

Recorded LIVE from the Smell during the RIOT LA Comedy Festival is an improv4humans that will make you believe in magic! Horatio Sanz, Jon Daly, Ben Schwartz, and Ian Roberts cover everything from Hitler mustaches, dueling Bill Cosbys, and the Borat epidemic. Thanks to RIOT LA for providing the wonderful photos of the evening!



“I would probably dress up as Marty McFly from Back to the Future.”

Ben Schwartz answering his own question on Comedy Bang Bang, which is one of my favorite episodes. The riffing between Ben Schwartz and Scott Aukerman is gold.


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Clifton Was Here

International Singing Sensation Tony Clifton, joined by Cliftonettes Maxim and Phoenix, tells exclusive stories about Andy Kaufman, Jim Carrey, and Nicolas Cage, as well as cracking some off-color jokes. Plus, “House of Pies” star Ben Schwartz competes head-to-head against Scott in a cutthroat game of What Am I Thinking. Don’t forget to pick up your tickets to Comedy Bang! Bang! LIVE in a city near you!


Hey Blastronauts! Jonesin’ for a little ‘berger? Earwolf’s own David Huntsberger is a guest on a little podcast called Doug Loves Movies this week along with Ben Schwartz (who is no virgin when it comes to Earwolf podcasts) and Samm Levine.

If you hunger for games (and a whole lot of Hunger Games discussion) check out David with Doug or fill that little hatch-sized hole in your heart with a few archived episodes of Professor Blastoff to hold you over until they are back with a new episode next week. Cool beers!


From Comedy Bang Bang: Climbing the Ladder


TWO OFF THE TOP! Fill in your own!

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Climbing the Ladder

Sorry you guys, but we did NOT get Ice Ben Schwartz or Ice Reggie Watts for the podcast this week. You’ll have to settle for their American doppelgangers who join the world-famous Scottabot and the legendary Bjork for a sexy, funny, sexy, musical, sexy episode of Comedy Bang Bang. Pop open a six pack of pudding and enjoy!

New Episode of Sklarbro Country With Ben Schwartz and Chris Cox: “Living On A Edge”
Living On A Edge! Ben Schwartz just might be the Jeremy Lin of comedy: He comes from humble beginnings, he’s worked super hard to get where he is now, and he is absolutely killing it right now! Writing movies, stealing scenes on Parks and Recreation and House of Lies and destroying audiences every week at the UCB Theatre, Ben Schwartz is making it happen and we loved him so much we recorded with him two weeks in a row! We also get our second Weekly Wahlberg and a visit from the beloved Racist Vin Scully. It’s the kind of episode you’ll want to inappropriately massage without permission!