Totally Laime: BFF!

Andy’s got a man crush and his name is Luka Jones! Luka is an awesome improviser who makes us all laugh and laugh on NBC’s Best Friends Forever. He has an important message for us about baby abandoning and things get a little tense when our pizza knowledge is called into question. But Luka is so funny and charming, we forgive him! Enjoy!


Weekly Wequest 21

Lawaeest requested Marissa Wompler. She also wanted it to reference Womp It Up/Womp Up The Jamz, but I already started a got a boom-box-logo-thing for that that I’ll be posting soon.


We learned yesterday through Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair on Twitter that NBC has put their show ‘Best Friends Forever' on hiatus. Now we know that this particular network likes to do this from time to time with truly excellent shows (coughcommunitycough) and we also know that fan feedback can definitely work. There are a few movements already starting on Twitter () so take to the inter-tubes and give some polite feedback to NBC and support these two funny friends of Earwolf!

And while crafting your letters of support, why not listen to Lennon and Jessica craft comedy gold on Comedy Bang! Bang! - Womp Up The Jamz!

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