Attention Hospital Staff, Childrens Hospital is now on Netflix.


Adam Pally, Rob Huebel, and Jon Gabrus made their way to the dark side of the moon, got caught in an Albino census conspiracy, and helped a Southern gentleman follow his dream of scat in another livestreamed episode of improv4humans! They also explored Adam’s worst concert experience, Jon’s most embarrassing discussion with his mom, and the awful college job that Rob quit after one day. Check out the full video at youtube.com/Earwolf and be sure to pick up an improv4humans shirt from the Earwolf Store and follow @MattBesser on Twitter to send in your improv suggestions. Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon. You can also now get Matt Besser’s new comedy album “The Six Most Important Sets in the History of Standup” at mattbesser.com!


Who Charted?: Feel The Night

Newsreaders’ own Mather Zickel stops by to tell us about his boarding school days on today’s Who Charted! Mather talks to us about falling asleep in a construction zone in New York, witch trials, and country groups during the Billboard Country Songs Music Chart. We then chat about Rom Coms, Lincoln, and long winded pilots as we count down the Movie Chart. Also, Mather shares a drinking story from his senior year of boarding school as he takes his chances at a game of Chart Roulette!


The Fogelnest Files: MIND = BLOWN

Hold on to your viewing positions and get ready to get your mind blown on today’s LIVE edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Recorded LIVE at UCB-LA, Jake Fogelnest welcomes Rob Huebel and Morgan Murphy to talk about a dude who wants to be a feminine pad, Shop at Home host Don West, and the sequel to Purple Rain. They also take a look at Andy Warhol at Wrestlemania, PinkleTank, and explore idiot rap. Make sure to leave reviews for the Todd Phillips comedy film Road Trip in “The Fogelnest Files” section on iTunes. Special thanks to Megan Baker for the photos of the evening.


Who Charted?: Pullin Wool

Rob Huebel returns to talk about his good buddy George Clooney on today’s Who Charted! It starts off erotically charged as Howard and Kulap talk to Rob about when he lost his virginity and they discuss sexy airlines and getting mobbed by fans at this year’s Sundance. Things then get real as Rob confronts Kulap about a fight she may have sparked between Rob and his lady. They also countdown the Top 5 Heat Seeking singles on the Billboard chart and Mama and Zero Dark Thirty get the business while counting down the movie chart. Plus, Rob takes a swing at Chart Goose!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Motor Boating Around Town

School’s back in session so it was only a matter of time before our 16 year-old intern Marissa Wompler made her way back to the studio to help co-host today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Marissa gets schooled on Grimace, The Fat Boys and motor boating by none other than Rob Corddry! Rob also offers Marissa some expert advice on her recent heartbreak. Plus, we get one special turd of information about what’s to come up on the season finale of Childrens Hospital. Womp It Up!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Scrog Secretions

Today’s episode of Comedy Bang Bang is an episode of firsts! Childrens Hospital‘s Megan Mullally makes her first appearance on the program to talk Emmy nominations, the Party Down movie, and her musical group Nancy and Beth. The other half of Nancy and Beth, Stephanie Hunt, joins us as well for the first time to accompany Megan in serenading us with magical songs that will be sure to make you whistle. That’s not all, we welcome energy expert David Eros for the first time to the show to give spiritual interpretations to Scott, Megan, Stephanie, and El Chupacabra! Don’t forget to pick up the Comedy Bang! Bang! LIVE Summer Tour episodes!



“The thing about an actor who’s big, strong, and a marine in real life, is that when he is supposed to fake karate-chop you in a scene, but he’s more focused on getting his line out, is that he will really karate-chop you. And it hurts. Because he’s just nailing you, take after take.” - Scott Aukerman, on his appearance on Childrens Hospital with Rob Riggle

Not on my watch!

(Looking for more of Rob Riggle? Check him out out Sklarbro Country back in January)

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Rob Corddry: The Guy With The Sack

As dubbed by Howard Kremer on Episode 14 of Who Charted?

(He always seems to be playing some bad-ass with a lot of balls. Hats off, Rob!)

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