B-B-B-Bonus-s-s-s CBB! Lock the gates! We have an incredible one on one interview with Marc Maron of the WTF podcast on today’s special Thursday episode of Comedy Bing Bong!


If anyone is near LA on Thursday check out the Howard Kremer Stand-up Album Taping

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Sklarbro County 43

We have Anglo-Saxon energy invading the County as the hilarious Matt Kirshen stops by this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt chats about his time on Last Comic Standing, British comedy, and talks about how his dad tried to get him to become a 6 year old West Ham Football club hooligan. Dan Van Kirk then appears after being tailed to bring us some crazy stories such as; an Alabama man asking sheriffs to help him find his lost heroin, a drunk shoplifter yelling at Girl Scouts at a Walmart, and Florida mom calling 911 to scare her children. Plus, an absolutely crazy Dennis Rodman voicemail you don’t want to miss. Be sure to get your tickets to see Randy & Jason headline in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Improv on Saturday, March 23rd!



Bristol Stool Scale

The things you learn from Nerd Poker…

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Totally Laime: Happy Merry!

Happy Merry! Writer, comedian, producer internet-er Alex Blagg came on and discussed holiday plans, all things food and the fact that he’s become an LA cliche and he’s okay with that. Also, psychic Andy breaks some news to Elizabeth about her cooking. Enjoy!


Sklarbro Country: Godzilla with Laser Nipples

The fantastic stand-up/improviser Kurt Braunohler rides the waves to the calming shores on today’s Sklarbro Country! Kurt tells us about his fascination with creating sketches in the dark with Kristen Schaal, his on the fence bit of still being breastfed at the age of 5, and how he almost chose a life as a surfer over college. Kurt also shares his favorite segment from his game show Bunk, makes up a story during Quick Hits, and we call up Richard Branson as he makes his final preparations for the apocalypse. If you live in San Francisco, it’s not too early to pick up tickets to see Randy and Jason at Cobb’s Comedy Club on January 18-20 and in Portland at Helium Comedy Club on January 24-26. Don’t forget to tune into the United Stats of America Season 1 Marathon 12/26, 6pm – 12am EST on H2. Henderson and hugs to all!


Yo, Is This Racist?: Modern Rock Station

Andrew Ti welcomes comedian Joe Mande today to figure out if playing Beastie Boys and Eminem on a Modern Rock radio station is racist or progressive. Leave us a question about other radio stations being racist at (323) 389-RACE.


Who Charted?: Silly Dance Party

American treasure Todd Glass shows off his new tattoo on today’s Who Charted! We learn which songs make Todd cry, the story behind his silly dance parties, and why he defends Justin Bieber to his mom during Dusted’s Top 5 Alternative Albums Chart. Todd tells us why he doesn’t see a lot of movies, explains why not smiling when making eye contact with a performer makes you a bully, and the importance of checking in early at an airport with the Movie Chart. Plus, we hear about the early days of Todd’s stand up career with the help of Hermes the Chart Goose!