Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show Sizzle Reel

Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Paul Scheer, and the Sklar Brothers are among the guests who have appeared on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. In this episode of highlights, we hear some of the show’s most memorable guests and moments. Check out the video version of this episode at YouTube.com/Earwolf. Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show joins Earwolf this Thursday, March 14 with guest Mark Duplass. New episodes will be released every other Thursday.


Love, Dad: Holiday Traditions

The grizzled veteran returns with some important news on today’s Love, Dad! The dads discuss the future of the podcast, share tales of babysitting, and talk about Dave’s recent venture to New Orleans. They also talk about their holiday plans, holiday stresses, and sleeping schedules. Plus, a holiday helping of Clean Jokes of the Week!


The Fogelnest Files: Bev, Bob & Beyond

Once again it’s time to get into your viewing positions for another LIVE edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Recorded LIVE at UCB-LA, Jake Fogelnest welcomes Paul Scheer (The League), Colin Hanks (Dexter), and David Koechner (Anchorman) to talk about the time David Geffen sued Neil Young for making a record for robots, Bev & Bob karaoke superstars, and Wild Man Fischer. They also take a ride on the Disco Spaceship, look at Ryan Seacrest’s first TV gig, and figure out what the fuck was Gumby. Make sure to leave reviews for Sparks’ “Kimono My House” in “The Fogelnest Files” section on iTunes.



Take a ride on the disco spaceship with a clip from the next episode of THE FOGELNEST FILES. Featuring Colin Hanks, David Koechner and Paul Scheer. It’s out tomorrow on iTunes and Earwolf.

New Fogelnest Files drops tomorrow! Until then, check out this clip!

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Colin Hanks, Paul Scheer, and David Koechner… what a lineup!

CLICK HERE to check out more photos from last night’s LIVE episode of The Fogelnest Files.

You can catch the full episode when it drops Tuesday on Earwolf.com and iTunes!


Love, Dad: Responsibility

It’s the triumphant return of the grizzled veteran on today’s Love, Dad! The dads discuss the effects of getting injured, the unnecessary competitiveness among dads at kid soccer games, and precautions to take on Halloween. Dave talks about about teaching his kids about taking responsibility with a chore chart, starting a business with his son Charlie, and gives us a clean joke of the week. Plus, Jeff tells us about his recent football related injury and falling in love with his wife while trick-or-treating at the age of 13.


New episode of Love, Dad drops tomorrow!


Love, Dad: Sports

The grizzled veteran and rookie father welcome actor/writer/father Jerry Collins to his very first podcast on this week’s Love, Dad! Jerry tells us about being involved with his son’s love for sports, how he deals with dads who live through their kids, and gives us his take on the anti-competitive structure of children’s sports. Plus, Dave & Jeff talk to Jerry about play-dates, children’s health, and nutrition.


Love, Dad: Divorced Dads

Today we welcome our very first guest, actor and fellow dad Ethan Embry to the show to talk about being a divorced dad. Ethan describes his relationship with his ex-wife, tells us about having the intentions of being the best father, and explains why it’s better to face an issue with a clear head. He also shares how his son made him into a baseball fan, explains the meaning behind his middle name, and tells us about his recent encounter with a skunk. Plus, Jeff shares a story about feeling old at a Wilco concert.


Love, Dad: Consumerism

We’re getting to the bottom of consumerism on this week’s Love, Dad! Dave & Jeff discuss how to limit the many things children consume today from video games to smart phones. We also explore the importance of teaching kids the value of a dollar, setting rules early on, and being an involved parent by monitoring your child’s usage of technology. Plus, we have the clean joke of the week for you to consume!