The Fogelnest Files: The World of Cinema

Be sure to get into your watching positions for this edition of The Fogelnest Files! Recorded live at UCB-LA, Jake Fogelnest welcomes special guests Jon Daly and Paul F. Tompkins to dive into the world of Cinema. Jake, Jon, and Paul discuss films by viewing a variety of clips which include; a lunatic on Public Access, the trailer to a 1986 comedy where blackface meets Harvard, an exciting television intro to a movie filled with gang warfare, Dan Aykroyd pretending to be a pimp, Vincent Price taking acid, Gene Shalit critiquing The Shining, Siskel & Ebert reviewing Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, and of course, Howard The Duck.



Here’s the poster for Seth Morris’ favorite film, Big Brother’s In Charge. This 1989 film stars the Fat Boys as rambunctious administrative assistants and is the sequel to Disorderlies. To hear more from Seth on movie ideas and to hear his very opinionated friend, listen to Comedy Bang! Bang! 152 “Behind the Irony Curtain”.

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How Did This Get Made?, Director’s Edition: Cool as Ice featuring Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice
Even if you’re still stuck in the credits of Cool as Ice, you probably know you’re in for something crazy! We watched it and invited Brian Huskey to join us in reveling in this relic of the early 90s. Weird biker gangs, inexplicable love stories, and the Witness Protection Program flesh out what is essentially a feature-length hip hop music video starring Vanilla Ice. What does Vanilla think of the movie? Learn as Rob Van Winkle joins the crew for the final few minutes to give insight into the stunts, the sets, and the jargon that has stood the test of time.
*editor’s note: show pictures will be featured tomorrow morning