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We’ve all been there. Right, guys?

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Comedy Bang Bang: 2012 Holiday Spectacular

It’s that time of year where you try to not get burned when roasting chestnuts over an open fire and have the whole family gather round the ol’ computer for a special holiday podcast treat! Scott welcomes fan favorite Harris Wittels as he tells us about his new book/stocking stuffer Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty and showcases a brand new edition of Harris’ Foam Corner. Bjork, Neil Young, and Billy Braggart serenade us with some holiday cheer and Paul Rust has a couple of New Ho Ho Hos for us. Ice-T gives us a history lesson on Santa Claus and Bill Cosby-Bukowski makes up a holiday themed Jelloem. Then first timer Liz joins in on the festivities to talk about her new reality show “Publicity.” Merry Christmas!


A Valentine’s Day Phone/Foam Corner

Harris Wittels

Fans were treated to a visit from Earwolf favorite Harris Wittels in the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!

CBB fans have come to know and love one of his beloved segments - Harris’ Phone/Foam Corner. 

And so, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to present the top three most “romantic” Harris-isms that I could find in that infamous corner.

Here goes: 

  • Ep. 128: “You know how everyone says like to get your porn name, you use your pet’s name and then the street you grew up on? I have a new system. Ready? And it works for anybody. Take your first name. Okay? Change it to ‘Sir,’ and then take your last name and change it to ‘Fucksalot.’”
  • Ep. 111: “Hey Bo Diddley, Rolling Stones. Who do you love? Great song. Grammatically, a disaster. It should be WHOM do you love.”
  • Ep. 84: “I’m not gay, but my asshole is.”

By: Julia Hays