Who Charted? Tree Ornament

Yes, what tree would be complete without a Hooch! ornament. Starring Wie Wie, Ku Ku and Hermes!

And on the back is a pictorial description of how to order the Austin Stories DVD from Howard’s eBay page: The first one you see will say “ended.” That’s wrong. Scroll down to the second entry. That’s the one!

It’s a decoration and informative!

Merry Crimbus Chartists!

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Who Charted? - Get Up On This

Jensen Karp is one of the most advanced chartists we’ve ever had on the podcast. As a rapper, designer, writer, and taste maker, his musical knowledge runs deep and we’re thrilled to learn from him. He waxes poetic on the Best Hip-Hop Dis Songs, gets poppy with the Top Pop Star Film Debuts, and makes it personal with Hermes the Chart Goose. This is probably the only podcast where you can learn about brain tumors AND Sisqo’s porn collection, so get up on this!