Apple’s podcast app brings comedy to the masses

The Standalone App Makes Comedy Podcasts Widely Available to iPhone, iPad Users


The launch of Apple’s standalone app for podcasts Tuesday will promote and simplify comedy podcast listening for iPhone and iPad users.

Earwolf, an iTunes featured provider and producer of 18 comedy podcasts, welcomes the ability to invade listeners’ earholes through another medium.

"The ability to preview and stream our shows removes some of the hurdles that people had previously encountered when trying to sample our content," said Earwolf CEO Jeff Ullrich. "With four of the top 25 comedy podcasts in iTunes, we’re excited that this app will allow fans to enjoy comedians like Randy and Jason Sklar, Paul Scheer, and Matt Besser on their morning commutes, at the gym, and anywhere they choose to listen."

By breaking out of iTunes Store proper, the app will make discovering and subscribing to comedy podcasts easier, as well as more accessible through features like the ‘top stations’ section.

"Thanks go out to Apple for making it easier than ever to find my podcast," said Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang! Bang! host and Earwolf co-founder. "But enough about that - everyone please watch my TV show - Fridays at 10 p.m. on IFC."