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Don’t fuck with Huell Howser.


Sklarbro Country: Godzilla with Laser Nipples

The fantastic stand-up/improviser Kurt Braunohler rides the waves to the calming shores on today’s Sklarbro Country! Kurt tells us about his fascination with creating sketches in the dark with Kristen Schaal, his on the fence bit of still being breastfed at the age of 5, and how he almost chose a life as a surfer over college. Kurt also shares his favorite segment from his game show Bunk, makes up a story during Quick Hits, and we call up Richard Branson as he makes his final preparations for the apocalypse. If you live in San Francisco, it’s not too early to pick up tickets to see Randy and Jason at Cobb’s Comedy Club on January 18-20 and in Portland at Helium Comedy Club on January 24-26. Don’t forget to tune into the United Stats of America Season 1 Marathon 12/26, 6pm – 12am EST on H2. Henderson and hugs to all!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Scrog Secretions

Today’s episode of Comedy Bang Bang is an episode of firsts! Childrens Hospital‘s Megan Mullally makes her first appearance on the program to talk Emmy nominations, the Party Down movie, and her musical group Nancy and Beth. The other half of Nancy and Beth, Stephanie Hunt, joins us as well for the first time to accompany Megan in serenading us with magical songs that will be sure to make you whistle. That’s not all, we welcome energy expert David Eros for the first time to the show to give spiritual interpretations to Scott, Megan, Stephanie, and El Chupacabra! Don’t forget to pick up the Comedy Bang! Bang! LIVE Summer Tour episodes!



All the ways to spell Scott Aukerman 

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Comedy Bang! Bang!: New Scoop

Word on the street is that Martin Starr of Freaks and Geeks, Party Down, and NTSF:SD:SUV:: is a first time guest on this week’s Comedy Bang Bang! You didn’t hear it from me but Martin joins Scott for a text session with David Caruso, to showcase his remix abilities, and some robot talk. Rumor has it that Scott pays a favor to his great aunt by welcoming another first time guest, Ethel Branscome to share a special announcement! No clues to who the third guest could be except that their name is spelled EXACTLY the same as Neil Campbell and that he drops in to read some Gossip Blind Items! Sources say that you should also warm up your sniffers for a salacious game of Would You Rather? Don’t forget to pick up the Comedy Bang! Bang! LIVE Summer Tour episodes!



Here’s the final animation for Andrew Lloyd Webber and that incorrigible little orphan Fourvel from the “Time Bobby” episode of Comedy Bang Bang!  It is so funny and great and still my favorite!  To see this animation bigger, click here!

ALSO, the legend of musical theatre is appearing on CBB TV tonight!  I hope he enjoys his animation AND his night on television.

I ended up running out of time for color if I wanted something ready to post tonight, so I decided to experiment with making it look kind of old-timey instead.  I’m still open to coloring it traditionally, though!

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Scott & Reggie

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LOW HANGIN FRUIT - Earwolf 8/13


LOW HANGIN FRUIT - the debut standup album from comedian James Adomian - is available Monday, August 13th, exclusively on Earwolf! Order a CD or download for only $10!

Advance copies are on sale NOW at live Comedy Bang! Bang! tour shows in a city near you!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Immortal Mustache

The owner of one of the five one-way tickets used to board the Rocket Ship to Fame, Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar makes his first appearance! He talks about his early sketch days, the importance of mustaches, how Super Troopers almost never existed, and his new movie The Babymakers. Also, the return of the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro joins Scott and Jay to reveal the secret of cheesecake, answer the question of how long he’s been making cakes, and to scream and yell about his appearance on Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show where he was asked to scream and yell. All of this including a hellish game of Would You Rather? Don’t forget to pick up the Comedy Bang! Bang! LIVE Summer Tour episodes!