Ronna and Beverly: Facebook and Toilet Paper

What a cutie we have for you this week! Natasha Leggero is absolutely darling, and despite the fact that she insisted on discussing disgusting issues of sanitation with us, we still love her and would love to have her as a Facebook friend. Enjoy!


Congratulations to Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo for getting “Ronna and Beverly” picked up in the UK as a six-part TV series with the amazing Paul Feig directing!

Celebrate by listening to the Ronna and Beverly podcast on Earwolf.

Jessica Chaffin was a guest on this week’s How Did This Get Made.

And Ronna and Beverly joined Howard and Kulap on Who Charted.

Oy-vey, that’s enough with the links. Mazel tov girls!


Who Charted?: Ronna & Beverly

You don’t have to be a fifty-something year old Jewish woman to enjoy this episode, but if you are we welcome you! Our guests are the fabulous Ronna Glickman and Beverly Ginsburg, authors of You’ll Do a Little Better Next Time:  A Guide to Marriage and Remarriage for Jewish Singles and hosts of their very own Earwolf podcast Ronna & Beverly. The ladies join us for a look at the iTunes Top 5 Country Singles Chart, our good old Movies Chart, and a game of Chart Roulette. If you’re curious about your great-aunt’s take on The Hunger Games or want to what know your sweet older neighbor thinks of Carrie Underwood, this is as close as you could possibly get without actually talking to them.