Sklarbro Country: Monkey Trumpet

Konichiwa! Between the bath salts diet and strip club lap sores, we’re keeping it health concious on the calming shores. Janet Varney joins us to discuss online gambling, cherry spitting, and topless TV scenes. Plus, a Sklarbro Country first! We have Steven Seagal on the line! Be sure to pick up your tickets to see Sklarbro Country live at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival on July 25 and at Denver’s Comedy Works on July 27 and 28.


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Burning Love

Today’s audio sound recording of Comedy Bang Bang is the perfect companion to everyone’s favorite reality show, Burning Love! Mark Orlando and two of his lovely lady suitors, Carly and Tamara G, are joining Scott to answer the tough questions: Can a monkey heart love like a human one? What should you do about hard-to-hide boners? What happens when the rules of Would You Rather?, like the rules of love, are shaken? All accompanied by commentary from Steve Agee, today’s episode will fill you with lust, love, and laughs.

Click here for more info about the upcoming Comedy Bang! Bang! LIVE tour! Bad bye!


Who Charted?: Summah Preview 2012

If you listen to this episode in anything other than swim trunks and sunglasses, you’re doing it wrong! We’ve got a not-bummah guest with Janet Varney who is helping Wie and Ku with a summah appetizer platter of the Top Summah Team-Up Tours and Most Anticipated Summah Flicks. Before we head out into the summah sunset, we stop by the roulette wheel to get some Judy Moody behind-the-scenes. This episode is best enjoyed with a tall glass of ice cold lemonade!