Sklarbro Country: Now Connotes Today

Ian Roberts, a true pioneer of Sketch comedy & current Showrunner of Key and Peele, visits the calming shores this week on Sklarbro Country! Ian shares his view on being part of a movement as a founding member of UCB in New York, the criticism and compliments he received from Del Close while he was a student, and discusses his love of spirit & redemption in boxing. We also receive a follow up voicemail from none other than Jerry Jones about the recently released Jerry Wipes. Plus, it gets all Gumbly in this bitch when we give Bryant Gumbel a call to see what he’s up to.


Sklarbro County 15

Sports. Sklars. Kosta. Michael Kosta gets acquainted to the front seat this week on Sklarbro County! Michael joins us to talk about his time as a tennis champ, attending the Gathering of the Juggalos, and officiating a wedding. Dan Van Kirk brings in stories that will answer the questions as to why the Indiana Burlington Coat Factory parking lot is the epicenter of complete and utter chaos and lawless insanity & what is the worst store name ever. Plus, Bryant Gumbel leaves us a voicemail from his vacation. Ciao!


Sklarbro County 12

Take your victory lap this week with a new Sklarbro County! Jason Nash joins Randy & Jason in studio to make a formal offer to Bruce Jenner, contribute in an Olympics wrap-up, and help bring some crazy stories to life. Insane stories that are covered include a couple of Olympians who were too quick to celebrate, a judo match won with weed, and Randy Travis not wearing his regular clothes. We also have a special voicemail left by Bob Costas reporting from the Olympic games.


Sklarbro County 11

We welcome Matt Price to the front seat on this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt joins Randy & Jason to talk about his new podcast Whale Cave, interviewing Shaq at a Nestlé Crunch camp for kids, and great comedy troupe names! We also get into some stories that include losing the only pair of keys to Wembley Stadium, Rex Ryan’s secret sensei, and a drunken man who wouldn’t stop. Plus, Bruce Jenner leaves an important voicemail regarding his situation with CIA operatives.


Sklarbro Country: The Power of the Warrior

Through the veins of the power of the Warrior this week’s episode is strong enough to inspire a women’s soccer team seated in coach or a former NFL star turned high school employee. Ryan Stout visits Sklarbro Country to discuss hecklers and what it was like at ground zero the night of LeBron’s decision. We also hear from Bruce Jenner, who’s currently living in a downtown Los Angeles park. Grab your horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans, and give this a listen. Plus, don’t forget to get your tickets to see Randy and Jason at Denver’s Comedy Works this weekend!


Sklarbro Country: Synthetic Urine

If the combination of sports, comedy, and indie rock isn’t wild enough for you, today’s guest coexists in the worlds of Mexican wrestling, burlesque, Largo, alternative rock, Carlos Mencia, and cats. Writer and alt legend Blaine Capatch is dipping his toes in the calming shores and talking about the heckling epidemic, some choice writing gigs, and his good friend Patton Oswalt. But that’s not all! To add Olympics and reality television to the scope of this episode is fan favorite Bruce Jenner, and of course we have a Weekly Walhberg. If you’re in Denver next weekend, you know what to do (the answer is NOT punch waterfalls, although it’s okay if you do)!


Sklarbro Country: Comedy Jazz

Are you ready to have “the talk” with Duncan Trussell? He treats us to some comedy jazz with his great insight into The Comedy Store as well as, you know, zen meditation. We’re also bringing you some retro tunes and a rare in-studio appearance of Bruce “B.J.” Jenner who is seeking revenge! And speaking of bjs…well, you’ll just have to hear the takes yourself.


Sklarbro Country: He Knows What To Do

Looking to have a crazy weekend? Why not start it off with drunk Dennis Rodman, prostitute hunting Mike Tyson, and premature death from too much televised soccer? Broken Lizards Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan, of Super Troopers and The Babymakers, talk movies and baseball. Plus, a call with Bryant Gumbel reveals potential new Olympic games. P.S. F Greg!


Sklarbro County 4

Gar Ryness, the Batting Stance Guy, brings his knowledge of major league quirks and mischievous college roommates to the calming shores. God’s fiery messages, big fat fatty athletes, and subpar sandwiches are discussed. Plus, Bruce Jenner leaves a musical voicemail.


Sklarbro Country: Tick Tack Cho

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are in for a big treat! This week on the calming shores we have MST3K veterans Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett talking puppets, Woody Allen impersonations, and Drive-By Elmos. And Bruce Jenner is back and on FIRE! Anyone with two eyes and a slit is sure to enjoy. Just be sure to avoid the nursing home cat of death!