Love, Dad: Listener Questions

Today’s Love, Dad is a very special episode where we answer your e-mail questions! Dave & Jeff give some advice on what lies ahead for an expectant dad, discuss how kids are sometimes pressured into a religion, and weigh in on how to deal with a bully situation. We also examine the idea of rough housing and letting kids be kids. In addition to all this question answering, we’re also treated with a clean joke of the week!


Love, Dad: Education

The rookie and veteran pass the axe as they discuss education on this week’s Love, Dad! Dave & Jeff recall their college experiences to determine the drastic change in higher education today. We also tackle the questions as to what motivates the youth, why the cost of tuition continues to rise, and what are the benefits of having the college experience. Plus, the clean joke of the week and a couple time saving tips of the week!


Love, Dad: Observing

The dads are here to remind you to keep your eyes peeled on this week’s Love, Dad! Dave & Jeff kick things off with a clean joke of the week and then help a listener in need of some fatherly advice. They also discuss observing other parents and the different ways they interact with their children. That’s not all, here are Jeff’s Huffington Post Canada interview and Dave’s Kansas City Star interview.


Love, Dad: Attention

Hey you! Look over here! Now that I have your attention, enjoy this week’s Love, Dad as the dads talk about attention! Dave & Jeff share their challenges of the week regarding being firm and fair, having patience, and balancing the amount of energy spent on how much attention is given to the kids. All this plus the clean joke of the week and a space saving tool of the week!


Love, Dad: Mortality

We are very grateful and trying our best to take each other’s advice by discussing mortality this week on Love, Dad. Dave & Jeff get into why we are drawn to certain vices, the desire to control one’s mortality, and if you’ll do certain things if you knew your kids were watching. The dads also talk about the fear of missing out on opportunities and Dave explains hobos to his daughter. Don’t forget to go to the Earwolf forums where you hopefully put up your Gratitude Lists!


Love, Dad: Multitasking

The rookie and grizzled veteran are back this week with an episode of Love, Dad! Dave & Jeff discuss sharing attention with multiple children, proving dads are funny with the clean joke of the week, and being prepared with the responsibility of spending a one-on-one day with your child. Also, Dave & Jeff share a tool of the week and offer each other a little mutual advice on balancing time.


New Podcast!: Love, Dad with David Koechner & Jeff Ullrich

Welcome to the first episode of Love, Dad! Each week Dave Koechner & Jeff Ullrich will try to figure out how to be better dads. A general episode will consist of Dave’s clean joke of the week, answering listener questions, tackling a challenge of the week, and a tool/tip of the week. In this week’s episode, Dave & Jeff explore the question of why they decided to have kids.


Apple’s podcast app brings comedy to the masses

The Standalone App Makes Comedy Podcasts Widely Available to iPhone, iPad Users


The launch of Apple’s standalone app for podcasts Tuesday will promote and simplify comedy podcast listening for iPhone and iPad users.

Earwolf, an iTunes featured provider and producer of 18 comedy podcasts, welcomes the ability to invade listeners’ earholes through another medium.

"The ability to preview and stream our shows removes some of the hurdles that people had previously encountered when trying to sample our content," said Earwolf CEO Jeff Ullrich. "With four of the top 25 comedy podcasts in iTunes, we’re excited that this app will allow fans to enjoy comedians like Randy and Jason Sklar, Paul Scheer, and Matt Besser on their morning commutes, at the gym, and anywhere they choose to listen."

By breaking out of iTunes Store proper, the app will make discovering and subscribing to comedy podcasts easier, as well as more accessible through features like the ‘top stations’ section.

"Thanks go out to Apple for making it easier than ever to find my podcast," said Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang! Bang! host and Earwolf co-founder. "But enough about that - everyone please watch my TV show - Fridays at 10 p.m. on IFC."


You too can pick up this awesome Earwolf Limited Edition poster, individually numbered (only 500 made) and signed by Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich in the Earwolf store. While the ones sold are not framed, they make a fine piece of art (and conversation) when they are.


Just got my Earwolf poster back from the framers! Love the way it looks in my office!