Jerrod Carmichael and Scott discuss a specific genre of music on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! and Andrea was nice enough to label these bands as such!


New music genre from this week’s Comedy Bang Bang.

(One band added for good measure.)

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Comedian extraordinaire Jerrod Carmichael and the proprietor of Star Graves, Joe France’s (Horatio Sanz) join Scott Aukerman on today’s Comedy Bang! Bang!


Sklarbro County 41

Rising star Jerrod Carmichael is back by popular demand to sit down in the front seat that is Sklarbro County! Jerrod talks about where he started doing comedy, prison sitcoms, and the best most recent joke that he has come up with. Dan Van Kirk is also here with some crazy stories such as; a Go-Go dancer stops axe wielding maniac at a gay bar, Central Michigan University hosted a public Condom Casino Night, and another edition of Where’s the Headline? Plus, Mark Wahlberg stops by the studio to tell us about his upcoming trip to South By Southwest.


Sklarbro Country Live from LA Podfest 2012

Only $2.99 in the Earwolf store!

Randy & Jason bring their first LIVE Los Angeles Sklarbro Country to the calming shores of LA Podfest. Guest Jerrod Carmichael talks about his middle school sports career (one quarter of a basketball game), and Mark Wahlberg tells us how he’d be a believable lady. Plus, a slew of celebrity guests, from Tiger Woods and Al Gore to Owen Wilson and Snoop Dogg, join in on the fun!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: New No-Nos

Intern Marissa Wompler, fear-based comic Jerrod Carmichael, and controversial comedian Paul Rust join Scott in a riveting discussion of penis pencils, politics, and a game of Would You Rather. New No-No: If you’re going to listen to this podcast, then guess what! We get to make you laugh. That’s what you get for listening! Who’s laughing now? You are!