Joe Mande charts it up on today’s WHOOCH!!!!


Thanks to today’s Rafflecast you can hear the writing process behind Season 3 of Johnny’s Bananas with staff writers Jon Daly, Adam Pally, Gil Ozeri, Jake Fogelnest, Shelby Fero, creative consultant Joe Mande, and punch-up king Paul Scheer!


The Reality SHOW Show: The Got Me At Debauchery

Sean and Hayes once again ask listeners to donate to their Kickstarter to help them with an upcoming Celebrity Date Auction, tell us which moments of The Voice made them cry, and take a look back at Bachelor Pad 3 by playing a clip of their old public radio show. Then, JOE MANDE shows up to talk to a caller about Next Knuckler and walks us through a typical episode of Bar Rescue.


Yo, Is This Racist?: Cultural Appropriation

Andrew Ti and guest Joe Mande give their takes on cultural appropriation. They talk about white girls wearing headdresses, people celebrating other cultures, and explore the idea of Joe Mande’s Little New York restaurant. As always, call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask us if anything is racist.

This Week’s Topics:

Modern Rock Station

Energy Drank

Liking Problematic Things


Cultural Appropriation


Yo, Is This Racist?: Republicans

Andrew Ti and Joe Mande agree that Republicans are indeed racist. They let us know why they are racist, Joe tells us about Michelle Malkin writing a blog post about his 9/11 retweets, and both welcome the hate mail that they are sure to receive. We’ll let you know what is racist or not by calling (323) 389-RACE.


Yo, Is This Racist?: Liking Problematic Things

Do what you like everybody. Andrew Ti and guest Joe Mande take a different approach by answering a caller’s question by talking about a Rudy Ray Moore biopic, Joe’s greatest Twitter achievement, and how Joe gets more joy out of doing things that he dislikes. Leave us a question about something at (323) 389-RACE and we’ll find a way to answer it.


Yo, Is This Racist?: Energy Drank

Andrew Ti and guest Joe Mande discuss drank & sippin’ sizzurp, having their identities stolen and colorful Rockstar energy drinks. Call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask us if something is racist and to let us know if you think other energy drinks are racist.


Yo, Is This Racist?: Modern Rock Station

Andrew Ti welcomes comedian Joe Mande today to figure out if playing Beastie Boys and Eminem on a Modern Rock radio station is racist or progressive. Leave us a question about other radio stations being racist at (323) 389-RACE.