Nocturnal Emotions: Theater Kids

Renaissance man Harris Wittels bonds with fellow theater kid Har Mar on this week’s Nocturnal Emotions! Harris & Har Mar talk about the idea of marriage, the stigma of being a theater kid, and what the best nights to rage are. Harris also tells us about what happened to his Twitter account Groups of Dudes, takes umbrage with certain tv shows, and shares an embarrassing story that makes him cringe to this day. Then we hear the origin of Harris’ band name, the guys create a network friendly multi-cam comedy, and Harris brings Analyze Phish into the Nocturnal Emotions universe as they play Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Song with Phish’s “Gumbo.”


Who Charted?: Thunder Head

Matt Walsh takes time from being the vice president’s director of communications on Veep to get acquainted with the charts! Matt lets us know why a dog would be more apt to be moved by music, explains a fantasy celebrity couple game to us, and gets into how writing credits work while counting down the Ultimate Music Chart. He then gives us the inside scoop of UCB-LA’s neighboring establishments, tells us about his part in an upcoming tornado film, and shares where we can find his film High Road during the Movie Chart. Finally, Matt meets the one and only Hermes the Chart Goose!


Shots Fired!: And it Might Go Pop

I thought I told you that we won’t stop. Andy Rosen (Record Producer & 1/2 of the Totally Laime podcast) joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to talk about the history of Pop Rap and crossovers. They’ll get into what makes something Pop, why certain rappers failed to maintain a stable career after having one crossover hit, and their thoughts on the modern era of Pop. Plus, the guys explain what ratchet is to Andy. Take that. Take that.


Nocturnal Emotions: Cracker Jack

The always hilarious Steve Agee drops by the glorious Earwolf studios to chat with Har Mar on this week’s Nocturnal Emotions! Steve & Har Mar talk about health issues, being sick of HD, and professional prankster Abraham Lincoln. Also, they talk about white slaves, Degrassi, and why you shouldn’t trust the water in Mexico City. They then become teachers on Spring break as they create a show and do their best Marlon Brando impressions while playing Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Song with Sade’s “Smooth Operator.”


Who Charted?: Me Neither

Brilliant comic book artist David W. Mack joins Ku-Ku and Wie-Wie in this extra delightful edition of WHO CHARTED! Kulap geeks out over David’s comic catalogue as they chat about comics, making your pecs dance, and using push ups as a medicine for anxiousness. They also discuss non-linear storytelling, summer movies that make your brain work too hard, and the cubist structure of WC. David talks about the negative reinforcement he got when he played with fire or made potato guns and he also lets out some juicy details about a possible Kabuki movie. He also talks about sewing, whooping butt at karate, and breaking down media saturation… he’s amazing. They countdown the top 5 albums on iTunes and the top 5 action movie heroines of the last thirty years. Then it’s time for a rousing game of Chart Roulette. Enjoy Chartists!


Shots Fired!: Don’t Call This Latin Rap

Producer/rapper Scoop Deville & Hellfyre Club rapper Rheteric Ramirez join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to discuss the history of latin contributions to Hip-Hop. They start off by talking about several Latin Hip-Hop pioneers such as DJ Disco Wiz, Prince Whipper Whip, The Mean Machine, and Prince Markie Dee of The Fat Boys. Then they explore the West Coast Latin rap boom by talking about Mellow Man Ace, Julio G, Kid Frost, Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm, MC BLVD, and A Lighter Shade of Brown. Next they bridge the gap between the West Coast & East Coast by talking about Delinquent Habits, Big Pun, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, and N.O.R.E. Finally, they make their way down South as they talk about Baby Bash, Chingo Bling, and South Park Mexican. Plus, we’re treated to some tracks by Scoop & Rheteric.


Nocturnal Emotions: The Snatchelor

The amazing Cedric Bixler-Zavala (formerly of At The Drive In/The Mars Volta) catches up with Har Mar from the Earwolf studios on today’s Nocturnal Emotions! Cedric & Har Mar reminisce about recording lost footage in a pre-YouTube era, explain the story behind the “Relax bros, we’re all badass actors here” etching on the Mars Volta record, and share stories of the awesome Bobby Gillespie. They also talk about the idea of selling out, create a show called “The Snatchelor,” and play a game of Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Song with Danzig’s “Mother.”


Who Charted?: The Origin of Dubstep

Moshe Kasher aka Mo Mo is back to reveal how he possibly created dubstep on today’s Who Charted! He describes his connection to Bassnectar, explains the appeal of World Star Hip-Hop, and breaks down the differences between LGBTQIA while counting down the Ultimate Music Chart. Moshe also tells us about his recent secret war with a blogger, being distracted by Mila Kunis at a diner, and shows off his skills at naming other famous M.K.s during a round of Chart Darts!


Shots Fired!: Ballin’

Rapper extraordinaire Freddie Gibbs joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to discuss athletes trying to rap. They talk about the Chicago Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle,” the LA Rams’ “Ram It,” Darryl Strawberry’s “Chocolate Strawberry,” Shaq’s “You Can’t Stop The Reign,” B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret, Kobe Bryant failed attempt at rap, Deion Sanders’ “Must Be The Money,” Tony Parker ft. Fabolous, Chris Webber ft. Kurupt, Allen Iverson’s “40 Bars,” Metta World Peace’s “Afghan Women,” Kevin Durant’s “Wired,” The Hyperizers’ “Don’t Criticize,” and Delonte West’s KFC Freestyle. Plus, the guys give their reasons for not going to SXSW this year.


Comedy Bang! Bang!: The Bisco Boys

Who Charted’s Howard “Dragon Boy Suede” Kremer & fan favorites Paul Rust, Harris Wittels, and Michael Cassady aka Don’t Stop or We’ll Die are in the studio to jam out in today’s very special musical b-b-b-bonus s-s-s-show! They’ll get into what the future holds for Analyze Phish, why Paul got in trouble for his New No Nos, and debut some new tracks. Fortunately, the guys are pros at a game of Fortunately, Unfortunately. Unfortunately, it gets a little crazy during a game of Would You Rather. Fortunately, we hear Dragon Boy Suede & Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die finally collab!