Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show now on Earwolf!

We’re super excited to welcome Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show to Earwolf!

Here’s the low down… new episodes will drop every other Thursday. Tomorrow’s episode will feature Mark Duplass and a Jon Favreau episode drops March 28.

Click here to check out the 160+ episode archive of the show. Guests include folks like Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd — plus tons of familiar Earwolf folks like Scott Aukerman and the Sklar Brothers.

You can also click here for an episode of highlights, featuring some of the most memorable guests and moments from Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. It’s a great way for fans to watch their favorite segments, and new listeners to be introduced to the show.

Be sure to comment on the forums and let us know which are your favorite episodes! 


Earwolf has a new show!

Check out the reality SHOW show, with hosts Hayes and Sean, two chilled out bros who love watching reality television. In this podcast they relive the past week’s best moments, and prove once and for all that reality doesn’t bites. Cool people and reality stars stop by to play games and dish on their favorite shows. 

On today’s first episode, Drop That Little Bug, Sean and Hayes address the feelings they experienced watching this week’s singing competition shows. A segment of “Shark Tank” is analyzed via a game of Tanks But No Tanks. Hayes sits down for a pre-taped interview with Survivor producer Charlie Parsons. DC Pierson opens up about his affection for MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge and helps crown this week’s reality GameChanger.