Love, Dad: Holiday Traditions

The grizzled veteran returns with some important news on today’s Love, Dad! The dads discuss the future of the podcast, share tales of babysitting, and talk about Dave’s recent venture to New Orleans. They also talk about their holiday plans, holiday stresses, and sleeping schedules. Plus, a holiday helping of Clean Jokes of the Week!


Love, Dad: Keeping Your Cool

Host of the Guys With Feelings podcast, regular on Sklarbro Country/County, and father Jason Nash joins Jeff this week to discuss fatherhood. Jason talks about his relationship with his father, why it’s always better to be nice to other parents’ kids, and his movie Jason Nash Is Married.  He also tells us about the importance of keeping your cool, finding himself saying “Who’s kid is this?” on a regular basis, and being afraid of his children growing up to not have the drive to do things on their own.


Love, Dad: Young Dad

This week Jeff is joined by fellow Earwolf podcaster, father, and one of the best freestyle rappers in the world — MC Nocando. He talks about what it’s like having three daughters and marrying his high school sweetheart all before the age of 30. Nocando describes how life as a young father helped him get serious, have something to fight for, and be the grizzled veteran to his friends who are now getting married and entering fatherhood.


Love, Dad: The Talkabout

Today Jeff is joined by fellow Earwolf podcaster and special guest Jason Sklar as they discuss fatherhood. Jason tells us about chatting with his son before bed with a series of talkabouts, getting him into music on drives to school, and putting his son’s needs before his. Also, Jason talks about how his wife is better at getting their son unstuck when he’s battling, the importance of innocent lying, and looking forward to finding out what kind of person he will grow up to be. Happy Thanksgiving!


Love, Dad: Music Fun!

Join Jeff and special musical guest/co-host Eban Schletter as they delve into the world of fatherhood. Many topics are discussed including gender norms, the “other n-word,” and environmental activism.  Also, Schletter gives Jeff advice about what to expect from older children and we get to hear some hilarious songs written and performed by Schletter! This episode is fairy-princess worthy!


Love, Dad: Speech Therapy

Earwolf Studios’ own Frank Serrano takes on co-hosting duties to share all kinds of stories about his family on today’s Love, Dad! Frank talks about getting through the rough patch of his baby daughter’s open heart surgery, the immediate changes during her recovery process, and how he coped with the whole situation as a father. Frank also tells us about noticing early signs of his 3 year-old daughter’s speech impediment, her improvement with the help of speech therapy, and the difficult process of enrolling her into school.


Love, Dad: Responsibility

It’s the triumphant return of the grizzled veteran on today’s Love, Dad! The dads discuss the effects of getting injured, the unnecessary competitiveness among dads at kid soccer games, and precautions to take on Halloween. Dave talks about about teaching his kids about taking responsibility with a chore chart, starting a business with his son Charlie, and gives us a clean joke of the week. Plus, Jeff tells us about his recent football related injury and falling in love with his wife while trick-or-treating at the age of 13.


Love, Dad: Self-Awareness

Author, journalist, and regular contributor for Time Magazine, Joel Stein stops by to guest co-host on this week’s Love, Dad! Joel talks about his boot camp training in preparation to becoming a dad while writing his book “Man Made: A Stupid Quest For Masculinity,” the different concerns that mothers and fathers have, and letting kids be self-aware on how they will be perceived by their peers. Plus, Joel helps solve Jeff’s issue with not spending enough time with his daughter.


Love, Dad: Balancing Time

Singer-songwriter, fellow podcaster, and father Grant-Lee Phillips takes a break from interviewing musicians on Shortwave to assist Jeff as a co-host on today’s Love, Dad! Jeff discusses feeling disconnected to his daughter, having difficulty factoring in some time for his health, and ways to pare down anxiety. Grant-Lee talks about transitioning his daughter from co-sleeping to her own bedroom, his biggest fear as a dad, not trusting the Supernanny, and giving his daughter a bit of positive reinforcement by experimenting with potty presents. Plus, we hear Grant-Lee’s song to his daughter entitled “Violet.”


Love, Dad: Sports

The grizzled veteran and rookie father welcome actor/writer/father Jerry Collins to his very first podcast on this week’s Love, Dad! Jerry tells us about being involved with his son’s love for sports, how he deals with dads who live through their kids, and gives us his take on the anti-competitive structure of children’s sports. Plus, Dave & Jeff talk to Jerry about play-dates, children’s health, and nutrition.