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We’ve all been there. Right, guys?

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A Valentine’s Day Phone/Foam Corner

Harris Wittels

Fans were treated to a visit from Earwolf favorite Harris Wittels in the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!

CBB fans have come to know and love one of his beloved segments - Harris’ Phone/Foam Corner. 

And so, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to present the top three most “romantic” Harris-isms that I could find in that infamous corner.

Here goes: 

  • Ep. 128: “You know how everyone says like to get your porn name, you use your pet’s name and then the street you grew up on? I have a new system. Ready? And it works for anybody. Take your first name. Okay? Change it to ‘Sir,’ and then take your last name and change it to ‘Fucksalot.’”
  • Ep. 111: “Hey Bo Diddley, Rolling Stones. Who do you love? Great song. Grammatically, a disaster. It should be WHOM do you love.”
  • Ep. 84: “I’m not gay, but my asshole is.”

By: Julia Hays