Sklarbro Country is in full effect!!!


Sklarbro County 39

The hilarious Owen Burke of the Owen & TJ Read The News podcast joins in on the craziness of Sklarbro County! Owen tells us about growing up in a mafia centered neighborhood in New York, being apart of the improvised show Facebook, and how Randy & Jason encouraged him to continue to pursue comedy. Dan Van Kirk brings in some insane stories including; two Kansas brothers accidentally blowing up a house while celebrating a lottery win with drugs, a man throwing semen at women in a New Mexico Walmart, and a mother passes drugs to her son in a jailhouse liplock. Also, we hear what Mark Wahlberg is up to in another edition of the Weekly Wahlberg. Make sure to get your tickets for a special screening of “Breaking Away” with Randy & Jason as part of the 2nd Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival on February 28th at Cinefamily in Los Angeles and catch Randy & Jason perform stand-up on Friday, March 1st at the Ice House in Pasadena!


Nocturnal Emotions: Hollywood Dads

Fellow Earwolf podcasters Randy & Jason Sklar join Har Mar to talk about their web show Nerd Down & 10, a 9 year-old girl doing stand-up, and the origin of Henderson. The Sklar Brothers share an embarrassing heckler story, Jason tells us about a terrible softball incident, and we hear about how Randy’s appearance on The Gordon Elliott Show is forever a part of the internet. Plus, Har Mar and the Sklarbros play a game of Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Songs with TLC’s “No Scrubs.”


Sklarbro County 28

Comedian Gary Gulman returns but this time to the County to nerd out about comedy! Gary talks about his upcoming special “In This Economy?,” watching Jerry Seinfeld perform when he was in college, and the audition process for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dan Van Kirk brings us crazy stories involving; a Las Vegas Denny’s putting weddings on the menu, a student’s one night stand with a femme fatale, and Katt Williams slapping a Target employee. Plus, we hear a voicemail from Bryant Gumbel calling for reservations at a restaurant. Be sure to watch Gary Gulman’s One Hour Special “In This Economy?” on Saturday, December 8th at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT on Comedy Central!


Sklarbro Country: Flush This, Hide This

The iconic comedian Eddie Pepitone drops by the calming shores on today’s Sklarbro Country! Eddie tells us how his relationship with his father plays a large role in his documentary The Bitter Buddha, Hugh Grant getting barred from one of his Edinburgh Fringe shows, and how he celebrated when the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup. Also, Randy, Jason, and Eddie get into some Quick Hits involving rodeo clowns making racist jokes, The Murky Gender Games, and NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski being fined for tweeting in his car during a race. Plus, we call Bruce Jenner to find out if the rumors of his divorce are true.


Sklarbro Country: A Woman Like That

Let’s go cold turkey on Thanksgiving with this weeks Sklarbro Country. The legendary Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder come to the calming shores of Sklarbro country and talk bit rates, David Mamet’s joke style, and the tremendous nerves you feel when you open for the Harlem Globetrotters. Tom Snyder talks about his revolutionary animation technique Squiggle vision and the guys try to crack up the stoic Katz with good results. They polish it off with some highlights from Katz’s athletic career. Don’t forget to come see the Sklars at the Arlington Draft House on Dec 1st in Arlington, Texas!