Congratulations to How Did This Get Made? winner of the L.A. Weekly Web Awards 2012 for Readers Choice - Best Podcast!

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Readers Choice: Best Podcast
How Did This Get Made?

Reader favorite How Did This Get Made? features hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas gleefully vivisecting Hollywood’s lowlights with a cavalcade of guests. Their targets range from such recent big-budget dross as Spider-Man 3 (“Peter Parker and Mary Jane have the chemistry of two sacks of wet dogshit”) to such dusty drivel as 1988’s E.T. rip-off Mac & Me (“The aliens look like if Dizzy Gillespie got caught in a fire”). The crew’s obvious joy in plumbing the depths of each flick’s awfulness makes this one of the most consistently entertaining listens around.