Ronna & Beverly: Blossom In The Nerds

The very talented Kevin Sussman has been in everything and now he’s a guest on today’s show! Kevin talks about being on set with Brad Pitt, explains how he got into acting, and describes how his time working at a comic book store was useful for his role on The Big Bang Theory. Plus, Ronna and Beverly discuss the presidential debate, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appearance on 60 Minutes, and Danny Devito & Rhea Perlman’s breakup.


Ronna and Beverly: Cartoon Dixie Cup

Beverly uses her new psychic gift on our guest Brian Huskey! Brian sits down with Ronna and Beverly to talk about the origin of the name Huskey, how his daughter loves it when he pretends to get angry, and tells us about dressing up as a spaceman in Germany. Plus, Ronna confronts Beverly about chewing loudly during synagogue and eating Milky Ways on Yom Kippur.


Ronna and Beverly: Growing Pains

We are overjoyed to be joined by the ray of sunshine that is June Diane Raphael! June gives us a little behind the scenes on the show NTSF:SD:SUV::, tells us how she once won a Latina America Award, and shares how she performed dental procedures on herself. Also, Ronna & Beverly get to the bottom of a past Summer romance.


Congratulations to Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo for getting “Ronna and Beverly” picked up in the UK as a six-part TV series with the amazing Paul Feig directing!

Celebrate by listening to the Ronna and Beverly podcast on Earwolf.

Jessica Chaffin was a guest on this week’s How Did This Get Made.

And Ronna and Beverly joined Howard and Kulap on Who Charted.

Oy-vey, that’s enough with the links. Mazel tov girls!