Totally Laime: Cool Snap, Bro

Howard Kremer is definitely upping our cool factor! He’s a comedian and rapper and the host of the awesome podcast Who Charted? where he and Andy fell into brotherly love five long weeks ago. He talks malls, widow sex, butt sex, and we all learn an important lesson about jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 12

From the war on women to the Toni Basil vs. Kreayshawn, you’re in for a real battle here on Two Charted! In one corner, Howard with his Fan Interactions of the Week. His challenger? Kulap Vilaysack with her pun-tastic Week in Wie-Ku. Rocky makes a new friend, Howard gets high and does stand-up, Sloppy Timmy makes his triumphant return, and most importantly, you get more charts in your life! Yippie!

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