Professor Blastoff: Math

Kyle talks about finally meeting Daniel Radcliffe (!!!), Tig talks about a recent romantic road trip, and David talks about his tired mammal partner on today’s Professor Blastoff! Then the crew dives into numbers with the help of listener Abe Kunin. He teaches math at the junior high level and comes from a long line of math professors but he’s never dealt with a class like this. They talk about the misleading use of statistics and how numbers can lie in sports, politics, and education. Also discussed is whether you can count your total number of farts in a year. No stone goes unturned on Professor Blastoff!


The United Stats of America staring the Sklar Brothers premieres on History Channel next Tuesday. Bring the calming shores to the UFO-littered shores.

Randy and Jason Sklar were born a statistic: They’re identical twins and stand-up comedians who also just happen to have an obsession with numbers and an amazing knack for finding the incredible stories behind the stats. The wisecracking brothers are the hosts of United Stats of America, which reveals the stories behind the most interesting and surprising statistics in American history—stories that tell us more about who we are as individuals and as a nation. Randy and Jason bring their irreverent brand of humor to locations across the country, uncovering hidden facts about America and Americans while engaging in stunts and experiments that help them uncover the story behind the stats. The Sklars will also utilize cutting-edge computer technology and visually stunning infographics to help bring these numbers to life.