Free Song Download: Newborn Baby Colt

Fans of the Earwolf podcast Who Charted? are in for a special treat! 

For a limited time, Earwolf is offering a free song download of “Newborn Baby Colt” from the latest album from Dragon Boy Suede — Douche Minutiae.

Click here to pick up the full album from Bandcamp, and get your Howard Kremer fix on Who Charted and Two Charted on Earwolf!


Glad to see Earwolf fan Ryan is enjoying his Earwolf hoodie.

You can wear them any time of the year, folks! Not just during the full moon. Pick yours up here!


You demand, so we supply!

Earwolf fans from AROUND THE GLOBE have asked when our famous THE WOLF DEAD t-shirts would return, and here the are! Just in time for the holidays!

They’re comfortable. They’re stylish. They’re legendary.

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The Whooch fans have requested these, and they’re finally here!

Rock a pair of your very own Vilay-Socks (Limited Edition) for only $10! Comfy, stylish, and perfect for the colder months, you can channel the Who Charted hostess herself, Kulap Vilaysack, while you’re rocking these babies.

Kulap enjoys showing off her Vilay-Socks paired with workout gear and sneakers, or her Who Charted t-shirt and denim shorts. 

No matter where you wear them, people are sure to take notice of your KULAP VILAY-SOCKS!