The Reality SHOW Show: That’s My Fan Club

The guys do their best to keep their composure from having seen Movie 43 and break down why certain cast members of Top Chef represent a certain gay subculture. Then they give us a look into what a day in the life of Kevin Smith is really like after coming home from a taping of King of the Nerds. Finally, MICHAEL STAGLIANO from Bachelor Pad shows up to talk about his recent engagement and some of the stuff that happens behind the scenes on the various bachelor reality shows.


Sklarbro County 37

One of Hollywood’s most acclaimed Television comedy writers, David Kohan stops by on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! David tells us about manipulating his daughter into being a Clippers fan, talks about his unexpected success of Will & Grace, and shares his love for cycling. As always, Dan Van Kirk brings us some crazy stories such as; a man who stole an ambulance but fails to steal 2 horses, a man paying a hooker with a shark tooth & gets arrested for taping the encounter, and a British nursing home defends practice of hiring alleged prostitutes for aging residents. Plus, we continue to relax from the Superbowl with today’s Weekly Wahlberg! ROLL TIDE! *This episode was recorded before the Superbowl but we were quick to congratulate both the Ravens and 49ers on their victory.


The Reality SHOW Show: Skull and Two Bones

Sean and Hayes congratulate The Bachelor for making a one-armed girl wear roller skates and finally putting her in her place. Then they hop in the time machine with a Classic Tanks But No Tanks from back when they were drivetime radio hosts on an Adult Hits station in Santa Fe. Eventually ANDERS HOLM of “Workaholics” shows up to preach on Gigolos and play a sad game inspired by American Idol.


By The Way, In Conversation With Jeff Garlin: Lena Dunham

Girls creator/star Lena Dunham might be Garlin’s new best friend. We hear about Lena’s biggest regrets, some of her red carpet adventures, and being horrified by The Client List. Jeff expresses how she has inspired him with her vulnerability, shares some of their wonderful texts, and predicts that she will win a Golden Globe (she totally did). Also, Lena explains why happiness is an empty e-mail inbox.

(Photos by: Lincoln Andrew DeFer)


The Reality SHOW Show: Neither Did Kristen Though

It’s the Reality Show Show’s Season 7 premiere as Hayes and Sean respond to listener suggestions and wonder if guest JONNA MANNION from The Challenge is going to show up. To pass the time they dig into a crushing lemonation on Top Chef and the much-anticipated ascent of Padma Lakshmi to the role of Head Judge. They also recall their intense reaction to seeing a helicopter on The Bachelor and respond to the show’s claim that the amount of love you can have for someone isn’t affected by how many hands you have. Finally, JONNA MANNION from The Challenge shows up to be nervously asked questions about life as a reality star and her past relationships.


The Reality SHOW Show: Obsessed Over Organizing

The guys settle their differences over a controversial term Hayes used on national television. Then they zero in on the premiere of “The Bachelor” and a game of You Just Got Kept On the Show. The guys celebrate the return of mean reality shows like Joe Schmo and Making Mr. Right, then 2 Broken Girls writer Pat Walsh sidles into the booth to celebrate his own birthday and take on the popular MTV shows Buckwild and Catfish.


The Reality SHOW Show: Poop Potato Salad

It’s a minisode this week as all reality shows are on hiatus and Sean and Hayes run into a language barrier with their guest, Christopher Waltz from Django Unchanged. So instead they dig into some all-time Gamechanging from this week’s Top Chef, followed by another installment of Tanks But No Tanks. Finally, some teasers for shows the guys will be watching this winter season.


The Reality SHOW Show: Motorboatin’

Sean and Hayes spill on their New Year’s resolutions, then celebrate Tate Stevens, winner and possessor of the X-Factor. Next the guys get into Bart’s impressive performance on Top Chef despite his being ten years old, then speculate as to what’s next for Team San Diego, winners of The Challenge. At the end, SEAN O’CONNOR spins tales of working on Shaquille O’Neal’s clip show and his enduring love of Jersey Shore.


The Reality SHOW Show: Sam!

Merry Nothingmas from the Reality Show Show! Sean and Hayes haven’t seen this week’s Challenge and Top Chef episodes, but they can tell with certainty what’s going to happen based on audio clips from the past week’s promos. Following that is a conversation about disappointments Sean and Hayes shared in the finales of the otherwise stellar seasons of Voice and Survivor. At last, Twitter account holder GUY ENDORE-KAISER reveals himself in his true form to discuss reality show adventures with the guys.


The Reality SHOW Show: You’re A Moron

Hayes and Sean advertise some of their holiday Shark Tank products available in their online store, then play clips from The Voice to determine exactly why Terry is a better singer than Trevin. They reveal that the entire season of The Amazing Race was rigged, and then play a game that’s just as fair. Survivor and the charm of Abi Maria are next on the table as the guys try to figure out just why everyone’s rushing around these days. Ultimately, ERIN GIBSON is on the scene to figure out what her favorite reality show would be if she watched any, and also to play a game related to the new Real World cast.