The Reality SHOW Show: Damn Girl

Sean and Hayes ask listeners to help them with an upcoming Celebrity Date Auction as a gift for Hayes’ birthday, talk about Chuck & Wynona from The Amazing Race with a caller, and explain the spectacle that is Splash. Eventually, JAKE FOGELNEST drops by to talk about some dummy on Survivor, give us a sample of what Louie Anderson’s theme song on Splash should be, and recommend some great documentaries. This episode is dedicated to Brent Musburger.


The Reality SHOW Show: Oy Vey

Sean and Hayes show their SXSW love by recalling the shows they caught at the festival, Hayes’ prediction comes true as they discuss the Bachelor finale, and the guys weigh the strengths that Bar Rescue has over Kitchen Nightmares. Then their buddy Ben Rodgers wakes up to give the guys a call and talk about some insider information he has on The Amazing Race. Finally, GENEVIEVE PEARSON & VIRGIL GRIFFITH of King of The Nerds show up to talk about their overall experience on the show, their thoughts on the finale, and what would make season 2 of King Of The Nerds better.


The Reality SHOW Show: Filipino Gollum

Sean and Hayes take a moment to mug for the documentary crew cameras that have been following them around, talk about the love connection developing in The Amazing Race, and listen to a caller’s insane reality show story. Then, JEN STATSKY introduces herself to Sean and Hayes for the first time, discusses the dead cat episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and joins in on the fun of taking live calls. Plus, we hear from Sean’s high school buddy, Sean and Hayes get into the latest Survivor with a segment called This Kind of Racism Is Okay, and they break down the King of The Nerds finale to Jen.


The Reality SHOW Show: Fake Girl Voice

Sean and Hayes are excited about taping their Reality Show Show pilot, give their impressions of the new cast of The Amazing Race, and then talk about the drastic format changes made to the Top Chef finale. Eventually, PAUL F. TOMPKINS graces us with his presence to tell us about why he will never recap American Idol again, his enjoyment of watching So You Think You Can Dance, and does his best at a game of Is This A Real Reality Show.


The Reality SHOW Show: Beat That Chocolate

Hayes and Sean recount a difficult decision they were forced to make concerning a trip to The Roxy. They discuss The Amazing Race and dispel pervasive stereotypes associated with people who carry maps. Top Chef is addressed, specifically CJ’s behavior at the Judges Table. A fudgemaker falls under the scrutiny of Tanks But No Tanks. Finally, SHELBY FERO shows up out of nowhere for a conversation about MTV’s Made.


The Reality SHOW Show: Fighting For Our Lives

Sean and Hayes discuss why hosts should be fans of their shows as they go over this week’s events in competition shows. They help us figure out who will stay and go on “Top Chef” with a game of You Just Got Kicked Off The Show, try to change the game of the show “The Amazing Race” with a segment called One Wish, and get into some of their favorite moments of “The Challenge” with a segment called The Highlight Real. Lily Elise tells us about what she learned from her time on the first season of “The Voice” and judges a battleround between Sean and Hayes to K-Ci & JoJo.


The Reality SHOW Show: Jute Force

Sean and Hayes discover a curse that hangs over their podcast as they go over this week’s events in singing shows. The Funniest Joke of the Week is declared. The two of them debate a controversial element of “The Amazing Race” and annotate yet another “Shark Tank” segment in a game of Tanks But No Tanks. DAMIEN FAHEY admits to enjoying the show “Gigolos” and plays a game of Sean’s design.