The Reality SHOW Show: Sam!

Merry Nothingmas from the Reality Show Show! Sean and Hayes haven’t seen this week’s Challenge and Top Chef episodes, but they can tell with certainty what’s going to happen based on audio clips from the past week’s promos. Following that is a conversation about disappointments Sean and Hayes shared in the finales of the otherwise stellar seasons of Voice and Survivor. At last, Twitter account holder GUY ENDORE-KAISER reveals himself in his true form to discuss reality show adventures with the guys.


The Reality SHOW Show: You’re A Moron

Hayes and Sean advertise some of their holiday Shark Tank products available in their online store, then play clips from The Voice to determine exactly why Terry is a better singer than Trevin. They reveal that the entire season of The Amazing Race was rigged, and then play a game that’s just as fair. Survivor and the charm of Abi Maria are next on the table as the guys try to figure out just why everyone’s rushing around these days. Ultimately, ERIN GIBSON is on the scene to figure out what her favorite reality show would be if she watched any, and also to play a game related to the new Real World cast.


The Reality SHOW Show: Beautiful Baked Potato

Sean and Hayes have finally cracked the perfect segment based on a David Spade SNL sketch. The two of them look at the latest “Top Chef” with a segment called Hey CJ, You Okay Man?, are eager to see what will happen to the beautiful baked potato on “Survivor,” and predict who will be kicked off “The Voice” in a segment called Buh-Bye. Dave Holmes gives us some tips on hosting as we talk about “Killer Karaoke” and shares his excitement for “The Challenge.”


The Reality SHOW Show: Superfast 4G

Sean and Hayes put on their podcast hats as they reveal some upcoming challenges on the upcoming episodes of “Top Chef.” The two of them recap “The Challenge” with a game of That’s Not What’s Happening, talk about the Top (Secret) Chef e-mail they received, and keep a keen eye on the products used on “The Voice” and “Shark Tank.” Fighting expert Dominic Dierkes drops by to turn the tide on the ratings for “The Ultimate Fighter” and weighs in on which judges from “The Voice” and “The X Factor” would win in an all out brawl.


The Reality SHOW Show: Fighting For Our Lives

Sean and Hayes discuss why hosts should be fans of their shows as they go over this week’s events in competition shows. They help us figure out who will stay and go on “Top Chef” with a game of You Just Got Kicked Off The Show, try to change the game of the show “The Amazing Race” with a segment called One Wish, and get into some of their favorite moments of “The Challenge” with a segment called The Highlight Real. Lily Elise tells us about what she learned from her time on the first season of “The Voice” and judges a battleround between Sean and Hayes to K-Ci & JoJo.