Professor Blastoff: Character

Welcome back to the hatch blastronauts! Kyle tells an odyssean story of trying to get a video game while high and then it’s the return of Punky Brewster with a few stirring rounds of “Name That Punky”. Then they discuss character with guest Al Madrigal. Al talks about his past career in human resources and how the experience of firing people affected his perception of people and honesty. Character’s tough to pin down but they figure it out with probing questions including; how does one define it, what indicators can reveal it, and is it possible to pee on your friend’s couch and still retain it? Then notorious good person, Donald Trump, calls in and clarifies what real character is.


Professor Blastoff: Math

Kyle talks about finally meeting Daniel Radcliffe (!!!), Tig talks about a recent romantic road trip, and David talks about his tired mammal partner on today’s Professor Blastoff! Then the crew dives into numbers with the help of listener Abe Kunin. He teaches math at the junior high level and comes from a long line of math professors but he’s never dealt with a class like this. They talk about the misleading use of statistics and how numbers can lie in sports, politics, and education. Also discussed is whether you can count your total number of farts in a year. No stone goes unturned on Professor Blastoff!


Tig sporting an awesome fan made Good One Robot sweater!


Professor Blastoff: Polyamory

Welcome back to the hatch Blasternauts! Today the gang talks about the documentary that’s being made about Tig and they follow that with some serious “she who” riffing. Then the delightful Baron Vaughn comes to the studio and talks about what it means to be polyamorous. It gets provocative. Is it possible to love more than one person? How do you keep from getting jealous? And how do you explain it to the your potential partner? It’s tough to convince people either way but it makes for fascinating conversation. Tune in!


Professor Blastoff: Youth

For the first time in 2013 the Blastoff crew is back in the hatch! Kyle and Tig describe their torrid love affair in New York, and then they discuss motherhood, diarrhea, and Seinfeld impressions. They then welcome fan and friend Daniel Alberto to the show. He discusses his life in high school and how he navigates those mercurial waters. It’s a funny and poignant talk about the perils and joys of youth. Don’t miss it Blastronauts.


Professor Blastoff: Live in San Francisco/Star Wars

Recorded live in San Francisco it’s Star Wars nirvana on today’s Professor Blastoff! The hosts start by discussing their tour of Skywalker Ranch which included pizza, cake, and an epic shirtless hill climbing competition. Star Wars expert Pablo Hidalgo then joins the gang and answers all their deepest questions about Star Wars including; R2D2’S gender, the nature of the force, and whether Han shot first!!!!! It ends with Pablo revealing intriguing details about the great film series during a game of “What’s Nuts?”!


Professor Blastoff: Live in Vancouver/Hope

Live from Vancouver comes this week’s Professor Blastoff! Tig does a Q and A with the audience and we learn how many Blasternauts are using Tig’s potato recipe and what the best episode of all time is. Kyle and Tig wrestle to control a mutual story about Santa followed by an explanation of what a “Sunggle man” is. They then investigate hope and how it permeates every facet of our lives. They take turns in the hope chair revealing their deepest and most whimsical desires. Aaron makes Tig’s come true by giving her a dynamite shoulder massage and then audience members are allowed to come up and take their own journey in the hope chair!


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Vancouver Chartists!

Howard and Kulap will be doing two live Who Charted shows at the Vancouver Comedy Fest this weekend.

Their Friday guest will be Tig Notaro, and their Saturday guest will be Ron Funches! Shows will take place at 4pm Friday & Saturday at Kozmik Zoo.

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We want to have chartists there, Vancouver! It’s going to be a blast!


Professor Blastoff: Live at SF Sketchfest

Recorded live at the San Francisco Sketchfest it’s a rambunctious conversation between the hosts and their Blastronauts on today’s Professor Blastoff! The conversation is free flowing and probing; Tig and Kyle reveal the nature of their relationship, Kyle reveals his skinny calfs, and they all do a good round of fake laughing. The final word is also given on proper parenting, the evil in candy consumerism, and pterodactyls. How much deeper can the audience probe? Tune in and find out.


Tig is in February’s Cosmo magazine!