Who Charted?: Two Charted 36

Fire start your weekend with today’s Two Charted! Wie-Wie gets a little personal during Ku-Ku’s Top 5 Dark Sexy Songs On Her iPhone Chart. Then we travel to 2002 to hear how Howard was involved with the birth of American Apparel’s ad campaign as we count down the Top 5 Dates from Howard’s Notebook.


Who Charted?: Two Charted 35

Come sit on the rock with us on today’s Tooth Charted! We hear how the enigmatic Howard has stepped his smoothie game up, read some Chartist mail, and Kulap shares a story about her run-in with a persistent frog. This week Wie-Wie counts down his Top 5 Ways To Play Along To Jeopardy & Ku-Ku counts down her Top 5 Driving Songs in Yosemite. FLOSS!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 20

Welcome to TOOCH! It smells like sunscreen, it tastes like Bud Light Lime, it sounds like the Have a Summah album! It’s Two Charted and this week it’s all about Howard’s Summah Stories and Kulap’s Summah Checklist. You can’t say we didn’t prepare you for the season!