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Who Charted?: Two Charted 62

Howard has an upcoming comedy album recording (except it happened right before this episode came out) and there are certain people who can’t come see it. Fortunately Kulap and all of us Chartists are invited to know about all things Howard related. Ku-Ku helps Howard work through his nerves and they also discuss proper summer vacationing, whether stress sweat is stinkier than regular sweat, and famous inventions they could have come up with. Ku-ku counts down her top 5 newish alternative songs and talks about a recent book that has women leaning in and taking their place at the table. Then Howard counts down his top 5 fears for his upcoming recording including; having to get alcohol for the whole crowd, hearing literal crickets, and worst of all… the unknown. Enjoy it Chartists!


On today’s Two Charted: A stick of butter, two new shirts and Thing’s thing.


Who Charted?: Two Charted 61

Ears and a heart are all you need to enjoy today’s edition of TWO CHARTED! Ku-ku and Wie- wie talk about ram hand’s dangerous new butter based diet, the stupidity of every mystery thriller, and then they do a scene between a Japanese girl and Lee Kremer. Then it turns to family as Howard counts down the best days from his trip to Nashville which included; bad weather, too much love from his effervescent mother, his cool uncle, a disappointingly different atmosphere from the tv show Nashville, and a surprise bag of weed in his travel bag. Ku-ku follows that by counting down her big moments from her trip home to Minnesota. It’s a slice of Kulap’s life including her charming spider-man loving nephew, good eats, and a serious and positive event with her fam. Listen while you eat a bar of butter Chartists!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 60

It’s a day of gifts and kisses on today’s episode of TWO CHARTED! Howard and Kulap receive and try on some delightful presents from listeners and then Ku-Ku counts down her week in review including; her awesome voices, a Saturday night lady date, and her kiss with dirt cup. Wie-Wie then counts down the winners of the “Dragon Boy Suede Stance Competition”, talks about what death does for record sales, and describes his kissing technique. Enjoy chartists!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 59

Ku-ku and Wie-wie are out of that A-town and bursting with stories on today’s TWO CHARTED! They countdown their favorite moments from SXSW including; Howard losing one of his bones while on stage, an adorable child version of Little Shop of Horrors, interviewing Matt & Kim in their first ever podcast appearance, and bonding while rooming together. Plus Kulap makes Howard come clean about a missed romantic connection. Enjoy!