Totally Laime: Tea Time!

Cannibalism, fire, coyote attacks, homelessness, what’s there not to love? Our guest this week is the hilarious Danny Lobell who is spending the month on the west coast and volunteered an hour of his trip to the podcast. It’s a slippery slope as we talk about death penalty, and identity fraud, drifting into his dark (but super funny) side. Enjoy!


Ronna & Beverly: Hollywood’s Night to Shine

How did everyone enjoy The Academy Awards? Fresh from the hottest Oscar party in town, Ronna and Beverly are here with Joey McIntyre whose beautiful blue eyes enchant us as we learn about his travel style, dental hygiene, and tuchus. For those participating in a podcasting pool, you can place your bets on Joey being charming, funny, and an absolute delight!


Marc Maron and Tim Heidecker Star in Nick Lowe’s New Music Video

For those Marc Maron/WTF fans, you may have heard legendary singer/songwriter Nick Lowe on the podcast a few weeks ago. While Nick wasn’t usual WTF-fare, he’s in Marc’s wheelhouse. Well, this just popped up which may help explain a little more about the Maron/Lowe connection; Nick Lowe’s new music video for his song “Sensitive Man” staring Marc and another Earwolf fav, Tim Heidecker. The video showcases Marc’s personality and is super-adorable.

Check out Marc and Tim’s appearances on Earwolf podcasts if you can’t get enough.


Reggie Watts at TED2012

He mixes together almost-sense phrases with looped beatboxing, and bits of song to create an experience that is hilarious and profound — yet we have no idea quite what’s funny, or quite why we’re moved by it.

Check out Reggie on the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!

Photo: James Duncan Davidson



James Adomian

- Because @JAdomian is hilarious on the latest episode of “Who Charted?”


improv4humans: Memorabilia

This week’s podcast features prime improv for pilgrims, servants, strangers, and most importantly, humans. Our fearless guests are Katie Dippold, Gil Ozeri, and Chad Carter who will put you at ease like a thorough bedbud inspection! Listen in: It’s better entertainment than a demolition derby! Pick up an improv4humans shirt from the Earwolf Store and follow @MattBesser on Twitter to send in your improv suggestions. Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon.


Who Charted?: Dubstep on the Grass

It’s about time James Adomian made his way to Who Charted?! With his long Earwolf resume, there is no doubt he’ll be raking in comedy credits left and right! The Folk Music Chart brings out the Grace Jones within, whereas the Movie Chart gives us a glimpse of his inner Denzel. We asked him to play Chart Roulette, but we were interrupted by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Despite all of this, his Who Charted? appearance gets more personal than any of his other Earwolf credits, so get to know the man behind Jesse Ventura!

(Bruce rocks. Literally.)


Affirmation Nation: Truckstop Blues

As Bob tries to navigate his way back home from Denver, he checks in from a truck stop with tales to tell.


Birdemic: LIVE!

Did you guys know that there is a crisis with our environment? If not, you must not have seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror, this week’s victim for a very special How Did This Get Made? LIVE! Our friend “Weird Al” Yankovic is on the panel to enjoy the CGI dancing, obvious typos, and complete lack of editing that made this thriller a cult classic. Also on hand is Whitney Moore, star of Birdemic, who tells us the truth about her robotic costar, shares insight into the audition process, and divulges information about the sequel. This is less like a podcast, and more like you’re Just Hanging Out with some friends.